Piano Tiles 2 Apk – Mod for Android

Piano Tiles 2 Apk – Mod for Android

Piano Tiles 2 Apk – Mod for Android With the support of the players, Piano Tiles 2 ™ welcomes the 2nd anniversary itself. For the past two years, the simplest, most interesting and challenging Piano Tiles 2 ™ always ranks in the top.Master game speed is challenging! 

Characteristics of the game: 
1. Simple, easy to play, everyone can play the piano. 
2. Fast rhythm makes the heart beat, challenges the speed of the hand continuously. 
3. How to play competing, thrilling along with passion! 
4. Thousands of songs updated. Various styles such as original, classic and satisfying instruments. 
5. Show off your scores to friends, compete with world players on Ranking. 
6. Perfect timbre, like being at a piano concert. 
7. The feature of storing data on Facebook, sharing on different devices.
8. More challenges, more prizes, surpassing yourself. 

How to play: 
Don’t click on the white keys. Clicking on the black keys coincides with the rhythm. You can’t miss a single one. Increase concentration and responsiveness. 

Do you have problems playing? send via email to [email protected], or contact us in the [settings]> [help and support] section. 

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Cheetah Mobile is currently inviting all developers of handheld games from all over the world to achieve mutual success! We are looking for great games! Contact us at: [email protected]

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Piano Tiles 2 Apk – Mod for Android

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